Takeaway pizzas, Pouilly-en-Auxois

Thanks to a wide choice of take-out pizzas, rediscover the pleasures of Italian cuisine at home or with friends! The Restaurant Le Commerce, in Pouilly-en-Auxois (Côte d´Or - 21), near the exits of the A6 and A38 highways, offers many pizza recipes, all cooked with the same passion and the same precision of gesture.

The key to its success? A long-worked dough and pizzas cooked over a wood fire in a traditional oven, gives it all the softness and flavor of a traditional Italian pizza. The toppings are very varied since you will find classic pizzas like for example the 3 cheeses pizza, traditional but also regional to satisfy all tastes.

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INFORMATION: 03 80 90 88 23

Hôtel – Restaurant du Commerce

Place Pierre et Marie Curie – 21320 POUILLY-EN-AUXOIS

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Place Pierre et Marie Curie - 21320 Pouilly-en-Auxois - Phone : 03 80 90 88 23